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So here I am….making jewelry for myself, at the request of family, friends, and sorority sisters. It took a couple of year from the time I started to realize I could capitalize on my new venture. I decided to name my business during this time “Yeni’s Creations.”


If you have been around you may remember this. I really started to take my skills seriously and created my first facebook group and fan page. I started to work on my first website:http://lovelysgrholady.wix.com/yeniscreations (I think the link is still working, try it… LOL). Not many people viewed the page because it was never completed. Though it appeared I was taking my business seriously (somewhat), I really was not. I wasn’t giving it 100%, I was giving only 30%.

Any business minded individual realizes somewhere at the beginning of their venture that you can’t do everything yourself. Somewhere down the line you will have to find someone qualified to take pictures, (professional pictures) create a website, and help you create a business plan. While I was continually faced with new problems with my business, I decided to pursue my MBA in finance and develop the necessary skills to make my business a success. One of the requirements for one of my classes was to create a business plan. Now was the time to get serious and answer the question, “Am I ready?” HECK YEAH! Now creating a vision and a mission statement was not a problem. Even knowing who my target market was, was not a problem. Researching the artesian beading market – NOW that was a problem. It is a BIG market full of stay at home moms, teenagers who run both formal and informal businesses. Vendors, those who sell there creations at street fairs, are also a part of this market. How can you gauge a market that large and diverse???? (Please note working on my business plan went on for a year…lol).”


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