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So after a year of so called planning and creating a business plan, God sent me a sign, or more like signs.  First, I went and updated my personal LinkedIn page and someone by the name of Cynthia Peacock kept showing up on my feed as a recommended connection.  Now, normally if I see someone I don’t know I don’t request to connect, but for some reason… I had a change of heart, I guess.  I called her, had a brief discussion and we agreed to meet later that day, after work.  Now let me describe Ms. Cynthia Peacock to everyone: She is no nonsense lady who knows what she is talking about.   Very informative and always has her clients best interests in mind.  Back to who she is later…

The second sign came when I entered a contest via twitter and facebook to have customized invitations made on behalf of my business – I later won this contest.  Now, you may be wondering how is this a sign… well it’s a sign for me because on New Year’s Day I started thinking of having a launch party for my business to get the name out there.  Now, I could use the invitations I had won for my launch party!

So back to Cynthia Peacock, she is the President and owner of Biz Virtuoso (  Look her up, especially if you are starting your own business and/or want to take your business to the next level.  So, I have been working with her for about 7 months – SHE IS NO JOKE… she is a Business and Marketing Consultant.  At times I feel like I am in boot camp for my business.  Lol.  There are several things I learned from her (some which I already knew, others I realized along the way):

  1. The only thing holding me back is myself
  2. I give more to others, than I do to myself and my business
  3. I don’t give myself that much credit
  4. I am my own BRAND and it must be reflective in everything I do  – including my personal Facebook page
  5. Never count anyone you meet out because you never know what they can do for you
  6. You must dedicate at least 2 hours a day to your business
  7. A true entrepreneur never rests
  8. My Brand is jewelry, and I must be able to wear my jewelry to market it to others…in other words, I need to self promote.
  9. The investment I make, whether its money, time, sweat, etc., is worth it
  10. I can make and break my brand, so I need to take it seriously

With Cynthia Peacock’s advice I was able to create a whole new brand.  You can see from what I have completed in the last 8 months is far more than I completed last year, by myself.

check out my new logo

  1. Check out my website
  2. Check out my facebook page
  3. I have my items on ebay and working on Etsy
  4. I am on instagram Omoyeni_jewelry
  5. I am also on twitter omoyenijewelry


There is a lot more but here you go for now.



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