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Job Title: Jewelry Assistant Intern
Job Description: Looking for an individual who has the basic understanding of beading jewelry or is willing to learn. The assistant must be able to assist the owner in creating beaded jewelry and naming new and existing collections. Assistant must have knowledge of blogging and marketing on social networks.
Job Qualifications:
– basic knowledge of beaded jewelry
– know how to string beads
– creative and knowledgeable jewelry
– reliable and dependable
– Computer literate
Company Description-Job Posting:
omoYeni is a small business venture consisting of beaded jewelry created by Omoyeni Makinde and based in New York City. omoYeni’s creations makes unique necklaces, bracelets, earrings and headdress out of top quality beads and inspired by her Nigerian family heritage, omoYeni has been in the business of making beaded jewelry for the past 6 years and is currently growing and expanding.
Omoyeni’s creation is unique in its ability to create one of a kind beaded jewelry that others can wear and accessorize. The customer realizes it cannot be replicated by anyone else outside of the creator, the owner is able to make self –designed and earrings, bracelets and necklaces catered to the modern woman who is a fashionista in her own right.
omoYeni’s mission is “to create a unique style of beaded jewelry that makes you crave more”. The goal is to create beaded jewelry that is in line with the changing fashion world . Omoyeni Makinde provides beaded jewelry that is reflective of your style while maintaining quality.
Work Environment: Casual working environment, fun, creative and friendly.
Position Type: Internship
Job Duration: Permanent
Location: Location
City: Bronx
State/Province: New York
Country: United States
Default email address for resumes: yeni@omoyeni.co
Requested Documents: Resume, Cover Letter, Other
Requested Document Notes: Requesting Portfolio of current and past work (if applicable)
Contact Information: Omoyeni Makinde
Creative Designer and Owner
United States
Location of Position: Bronx, New York

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