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Hi Everyone, my name is Omoyeni Makinde and I am the owner of omoYeni, LLC.  My baby.  Many may not know, I have been making jewelry for about 8 years;  The vision all started with that outfit (you know that cute outfit, that outfit when you step into the room everyone is like HAWT DAMN)… that outfit that needed to be accessorized.   I went looking for that perfect necklace, belt, bracelet, earrings, etc.  When I thought I had finally found the “it” accessory, I checked the price tag and BAM I said “NO BUENO!”  I thought to myself, “why would I pay for jewelry made of materials that doesn’t cost half of what the retailer was charging?!”


This is where my story of beading begins.  I started researching and making jewelry by looking at designs, buying beading magazines, and researching what materials retailers were using in their products.  Here is a picture of one of the necklaces I made and donated to a silent auction hosted my one of my sororities chapter. Not bad huh? Lol



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